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Bombproof bikes made in Britain

Orange bikes are produced in small batches, not huge production runs.  It’s not a mass produced commodity item but a carefully crafted construction designed to perform its function… perfectly.
Every CNC'd billet component such as the dropouts, shock mounts, bottom brackets and headtubes are all designed and sourced locally from the long-term relationships Orange forged with precision engineering partners. Everyone involved has a vested interest in making sure the finished product is as as good as we can possibly make it. Completely unique in looks and function, simplicity is at the centre of their focus. They might not climb the best, but what they lack uphill is more than made up going downhill.

Hand painted and built by experts, Orange create bikes that are unique, timeless and almost indestructable.

Orange started production of full-suspension frames in Halifax, UK in 1998. It seemed the easiest way to get the development they needed for the frame ideas they were pursuing. Well, it turned out not to be ‘easy’, but it did turn out to be successful, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Since those intrepid beginnings, experience has taught Orange a great deal, the little tweaks and tricks that they have learned in the building process aren’t necessarily obvious in the final frame, but they are crucial steps to producing some of the strongest and most reliable high-performance mountain bikes in the world.

Orange Bikes. Whatever you desire. 29er, 650b, hardtail or full suspension, masses of colours, decal options, finishing kit and wheels. Almost a truly custom experience. Create your own unique bike and forget the off the shelf standards. Ride hard as these beasts are near indestructable. Beat it up for years, then send it back to Orange, and for a small fee, they will respray the frame, good as new.


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